And then came Daisy

One day I wandered into a special section of the Golden Retriever forum.   It’s call “Fur Dawgees onlee” and it’s just a wonderful, loving, joyful, fun place on a forum that is sometimes a bit stuffy and has some members who need a stick-up-the-ass-ectomy.  

The first person to welcome me to that chat thread was a lady with a dog named Daisy.  Daisy the fisher dog.  Daisy, who stole my heart with her big, soulful eyes, and her ears – those ears that show so much emotion.  Max has had a crunch  on Daisy from the beginning, even though she’s a bit older than him.

And so it went.   Max would flirt with Daisy, and she would humor him and life was good.   

Then Daisy went to the doctor.  I don’t know why, really.   She’s 12 years old.  And she won’t be 13.   The doctor said cancer.   Her mom’s heart broke and may never heal completely.   

Daisy’s final journey began.   She took a trip to Illinois, and smiled through it all.   The waiting began.   Each day a present, each day a knife in our hearts.  Each day watching her slowly move away from us, and each day trying to create memories that will soothe the heart when she’s gone from us.

Then came the question – did I want to meet her?   Oh, my, did I ever!   Plans were made, with joy and sadness.   Sunday arrived, anticipation.   Would they like us?  Would it be okay?  Would Max be a brat?   

Over it all there was a sense of peace.   A sense of magic.  A sense of something sweet and gentle, and serene.  They arrived.   It was good.   We went to the field – the field that gives me strength when I’m ready to give up, that centers me, that holds so many memories – of Duke, and Max, and Syd and Keno.  

And now of Daisy.  She rolled in the grass like a puppy.   She found the perfect spot – shady, dappled with sun, and settled.   We walked to the creek and she managed to get in, and then get out, laughing the entire time.   We made memories, memories that made our hearts soar, and made us smile, and made us cry just a little.

There was magic in that field.  There was magic in the day.   My heart was light, my soul was full of joy and love and peace.   Max and I took a long nap,  as Daisy and her mom made their way home.   We had a day full of joy, and sadness,  sweetness and tears.

I still feel a glow, a sense of peace.   Daisy won’t be with us much longer, but she will always be in my heart.

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