Totally egg sucking day


I was having a half decent day.   Then I found out that one of my friends got a diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma on her Golden Retriever.   That’s a death sentence.  It may not be immediate, but it’s a death sentence nonetheless.

A few minutes later, a post popped up from a kid – well, that’s relative,she’s in her 30’s now – who used to work with me.   Her dad is dying.   He’s a nice man, who always made me laugh.   And not so very old.  

A few minutes later, another post popped up.   This one from a former student.   His mother in law passed away today.   I didn’t know her, but I still felt his sadness.

And I finally get a an answer to a text I sent this afternoon about a scheduled day with my bff – it appears that she’s not going to be able to make it.   


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