This is probably politically incorrect and I don’t give a fuck.   

I have a “friend” who is an alcoholic.  She fell off the wagon 4 years ago, after 17 years of sobriety.  It’s been nothing but drama since.   She won’t admit that she’s also addicted to ativan, klonopin, pain killers – any drug she can get her hands on.   Denial, denial, denial.


And I’m sick of it, I could give a shit at this point if she drinks herself into the hospital again. She’s ruined every vestige of friendship that ever existed with me – and I used to consider her a good friend.  She’s destroyed that, and she doesn’t seem to care.


Yeah, I’m supposed to be supportive and not toss her lies in her face because that makes her want to drink.  Well, fuck that shit.  

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1 Response to Addiction

  1. Lol, I get you. You’re not being politically incorrect. It’s very frustrating to the people who love alcoholics. If someone can’t even admit they are an addict and needs help, they are a long way off getting better. Sad. Probably the best thing you can do for her is cut her off and let her go. Sadly, the friend/lover giving them the most support are the ones that come off the worst. But you should also talk to a trained counselor. Not for her. About what you can do for you.


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