And the search continues

I have chondritis, actually I have the worst form, Tietze’s syndrome.  I refer to it as my affliction – an appellation that makes me laugh.   It’s mostly annoying, some days it interferes with my life – those are the bad days – but for the most part I deal with it.  If you look it up, it tells you that this is something that usually lasts for a few weeks and then goes away.  HA!   I’ve had it for over a year, and from reading blogs and forums, I’m not alone.

It affects my chest, my ribs, my back, my shoulders.   Wearing a bra is an exercise in how much pain I can tolerate.   I heard about this Genie bra – so off I went to CVS to check out their “As seen on TV” section.   They had them, I bought a set, told the girl that I hoped it didn’t hurt and she said I could bring it back if I didn’t like it.  Really?  Hot damn!   I tried it today, and at first it seemed okay.   It actually seemed comfortable for a bit.  And then it didn’t.   SIgh, Another one bites the dust.   We shall now see if they really will take it back.  If not, another $20 down the drain.

On another note – one of my friends trains dogs for Seeing Eye and she teaches them this command – “ignore.”  I’ve decided I need to learn that myself.   Tonight my granddaughter posted a picture on facebook of herself and her cousin, wearing t-shirts tied up under their boobs, and skirts that were pushed down below the navel.   I commented that I didn’t think it was something that should be on facebook.   Oh, the drama.   Yeah, well, some guy I don’t know telling her to make it so only certain people can see it is not really cool, either.   But her mom thinks it’s cute – so how do I fight that?  “Ignore!”

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