This and that and then the other

The groomer is 99% positive it’s a lipoma, but I called the vet anyway.  Can’t hurt to be sure.   He’s very tired now, getting groomed takes a lot out of him.   And we’ve been busy since last Wednesday, my plan is to keep him occupied during the day so he’ll be calmer at night, and maybe he’ll start to see me as more than the giver of treats and start listening a bit better.   

I got another block finished – 31 down, 50 to go.   I plan to get the 4th row done this week.   I can do it!   

I got offered a third class today for Fall.  Yay, me!   

The plan for tomorrow is to take a walk, go to Petsmart, do some training, make a new recipe for supper, and work on practice sets for class.  

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