And the bra search continues – among other things

I have chondritis.   It makes my chest hurt, and wearing a bra is sometimes an exercise in “how much pain can I take today?”   I have sports bras, underwire bras (evil, they are evil!) and bras that are just pieces of lace with no support at all, and some that are too tight and some that are too loose, and some that I can wear for a day or so, and some that I can wear for a few minutes.   

I would LOVE to find a bra that I can wear regularly.   So I read about this Coobie bra, but I really don’t want to order something that I’ve never seen.   Sigh.  What to do?


On another note – I’m watching The Bible on History Channel.   It’s inspired me to read the Bible again – how modern of me, I’m reading it on my Kindle with an app that tells me what I should read each day and keeps track of my progress.   🙂   Not that I’ll ever be totally converted, there’s too much witch in my blood, but I do like to read the stories and I really like to be able to tell Bible thumpers that “yes, I’ve read the Bible.  Several times. Have YOU?”   

The lack of snow and cold, although it WAS cold, has apparently made for early onset of allergies.   I have a headache that won’t quit, a stuffed up nose, clogged up sinuses, a bit of a cough, and I’m snoring like a chain saw.   Yes, it’s uncomfortable.   But it’s still better than snow!

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