So much for that

Well, I thought I had the anxiety under control, the few times it’s snowed I’ve been fine.  I went out in it – went to the store – no problems.  I was a little shaky when I slid on the driveway, but it was okay.  I thought maybe I was over it.

I was wrong.  They’ve been hyping a storm since last week, and the closer it gets, the more the hype.   I’m tired, it’s been a long day, and too much to get done.  So I’m stressed out and missing the Bear and wishing he was home.  Max does the in/out routine only with me, and it adds to my stress.   And I want my laptop.  I was so sure this guy would be able to fix it, but it doesn’t seem like he listened to me when I told him what it was doing.   I’m not real happy about that, or about the new one probably being delivered when the snow is falling.   I don’t know what UPS does if they can’t make it up your driveway.   Maybe it won’t come till Thursday.  I can hope.  

So I had a meltdown.  But I’m better.  And by Thursday night this will all be a memory.  I’m just pissed at myself, and the news media.  

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