Special days

Yesterday was just wonderful.   
Most wouldn’t call it special, but most people didn’t live the sort of life where you watch everyone else and wonder if you’ll ever have what they take for granted.  And you wonder why it’s passed you by, that normal stuff.   My friends got married, had kids, had their own homes, and never seemed to think it was anything more than what was supposed to be.  

So fast forward a lot of years – and a lot of tears and lonely nights and the acceptance that I would always be alone – to today.  I made cookies for my husband, swept the floors, paid bills, took the dog out  –  things other people seemingly take for granted.  

Trust me, guys, this is the definition of “special”

And today I pay for the happy puppy who jumped all over me in the field, and body slammed me, with a chondritis flare that put me in bed all day.   Yeah, I guess he’s worth it.  

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