It was the seatbelt

that crossed my chest and made the chondritis flare.   Then it was the cold, and the damp.  

It could be worse, at least I was still functional.   

So the weather is still iffy but I’ve been dealing with it.   I got through “Nemo” with minimal anxiety.   Yay, me.   Every step that doesn’t make me cry is a step forward.   I’m still counting down to Spring, and telling myself that every breath I take is one breath closer to the day I don’t have to think about snow for 6 months. 

Quilt progress is slow, but notable.   I’m more than half way through the second row.   It’s soothing to my nerves – the movement of the needle through the fabric is like a form of meditation.   Bear said tonight that he didn’t really understand this quilting thing till he saw the heart done free-hand, and thought it looked pretty amazing.   That made me happy, made me smile.   🙂  It’s nice to have him sort of get something so important to me.   

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