It sure is Monday!

Max woke me up at some point, whining in his sleep.  I think it was a bad dream, he settled right down when I put my hand on him.   He went back to sleep, I was awake for an hour just petting him.

The phone rang at 9:15, my cell.  I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t answer it.  No message – but immediately the house phone rang.  I heard the answering machine kick on and a voice, so I got up, came downstairs and checked the message.  It was the vet calling, wanted me to call back about Max.    He had called on Saturday and left a message that Max’s thyroid test came back fine, so why was he calling again?   I called, he was in surgery.  I called an hour later, still in surgery.  Now I’m in panic mode.

Hubby, in an effort to distract me, started telling me that it may snow on Friday and he’ll have to take the truck to work.  It’s Monday.   The forecast will change at least 8 times till Friday, at which point they’ll either decide we’re getting a blizzard or we’re getting nothing, and oh, sorry for making you worry about it all week.

Finally, after two hours, the vet called.   He just wanted to make sure I got his message.   ~~thunk~~   I told him he had scared the shit out of me.   🙂   Max and I took a ride down to the office and got his meds refilled.   I put the Halti on him and we managed to walk as far as the corner of the building.  Progress!  Slow, but still progress.

Now if I can just get him to settle down inside the house.  It’s too cold for the front door to be open!

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