Here’s the thing

I’ve been aggravated all week by things I can’t control.   So here’s the thing.  I can accept that I can’t change them………..or I can keep on being annoyed.   I’m trying really hard to accept………..and ignore………what I can’t change.


I can’t stop stores from putting out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving – but I can refuse to decorate my home, or do any shopping, or talk about Christmas, or make plans …………until I’m ready.  I can unsubscribe from facebook friends who start talking about it before I want to hear about it.


I can’t control the weather.  I can stop watching the news more than once a day, I can ignore dire predictions of a winter to end all winters (Oh, my GOD, we’re all GONNA DIE!).  

I can’t control the stupidity on other forums I read.  But I don’t have to respond.   

Maybe if I can remember that it’s not up to me, I won’t get so pissed off when people don’t do what I think they should.   

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