the crabby pants are mine

I’m annoyed with the Golden Retriever board.
I’m annoyed with facebook
I’m annoyed with Amazon
I’m very annoyed with Verizon
I’m annoyed with my body

I hurt most of the time. I have a chronic condition – I hate to even say that. I’m tired of hurting. Yep, I’m tired.

So I went looking for support groups and found next to nothing. Guess that means I have to support myself! The best advice I saw was to turn the pain into a positive, to focus on the good stuff instead of inviting in the hurt. By saying to myself, “my chest hurts,” I’m sort of affirming that my chest does, indeed, hurt. So I’m trying to tell myself that yes, it hurts, but not that much! If I let it get to me, I’ll sit down and cry and do nothing and it hurts no matter what, it hurts when I do nothing, it hurts when I do stuff, so I may as well do stuff!

I’m annoyed with Amazon because they removed the quick link to the 100 top free Kindle books from my Fire. But I’ve adjusted. I can simply type “free” into the search box on the books page, and it brings up the list.

I’m annoyed with facebook because seriously, why do people use it as a diary and then get mad when people comment? If you put your stupid decisions out there, you’re asking me to judge them. Kinda like – if you use your phone in public, you’re asking me to comment on your conversation.

I called Verizon last week about a problem we’ve been having with our DSL. Simple question – can you check the modem? I got a guy in India, with a very heavy accent. I told him, politely, that I was having difficulty understanding him, and asked to speak to someone with less of an accent. He refused to transfer me to another agent. After 20 minutes of me asking him to repeat himself at least twice for every sentence he spoke, and asking him several more times to transfer me, I hung up. I called back, pressing different numbers this time, and got a guy who said he would have to transfer me to customer service. I begged him not to send me to India, telling him what had just happened. He told me to ask to to speak to someone in America, that they were required by law to transfer me. Again I got someone with a heavy accent, told him to transfer me to America. He put me on hold for 20 minutes. When someone picked up, it was a girl with a very heavy accent. I told her to transfer me. She said she’d open a case file. I said, “no, you won’t, please transfer me.” She put me on hold for 15 minutes. Finally I got a girl who said she was in California – and within 5 minutes the problem I was having with the DSL was resolved. So I go online to register a complaint with Verizon, because this is ridiculous – and can’t find a link, an email address, a phone number, nothing! After searching for close to an hour, I found an email address and sent off a letter – which I’m sure will have no effect, but I felt better!

I have way too much to do this week. And I’m going to be grateful for the fact that I have the ability to get it all done.

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