That was interesting – part two

And then we were at the hospital and they were taking me out of the ambulance and I felt like I was on a roller coaster going downhill.   Finally opened my eyes, and found myself rolling down a hall.  It made me sick, so I closed my eyes again.  They put me in the hall, I curled up in a ball and wanted to go to sleep, but they kept asking me questions.  Then Mark was there, and I curled into him and held on.  

He was strong, and solid, and I was safe as long as he was there.  But I couldn’t stop crying because I caused a fuss an YOU DON’T CAUSE A FUSS!   (There’s nothing wrong with you, quit your nonsense!)

Finally a doctor came along and said they were going to do a chest x-ray and take blood and that it would be awhile.  I told Mark to go home and feed Max and tried to go to sleep.  My best friend’s daughter was suddenly there – asking me what I was doing and making me laugh.   (She’s a nurse, was on her way home when her mom texted her that I was in the ER and she turned around and came back.)

Chest x-rays clear.  Let’s do an ultra sound of the belly in case of gall bladder.  Nope, that’s fine, too.  Back to the hall.   Finally, someone came along and took blood.  And gave me a blanket.  Bless you, sweet nurse, I was very cold.   And still having random chest twinges. 

After another long wait, they moved me to another wing, the ETCU (I have no clue what that means), and left me in a room alone, where again I fell asleep.  And then Mark was there, big strong Bear of my heart, to make me better.  I cried some more.   I hate worrying him.   😦

At midnight, they took more blood and about 1/2 hour later came back and said the test was negative, no heart damage, no heart attack.  There had been a monitor on me for about 3 hours, during which I was having twinges, and nothing showed up there or on the EKG. 

They took the IV port out of my arm – which hurt like a bitch the entire time it was in there – and sent us home.   I was asleep soon after we got home.   Max was quite uninterested in the whole thing.  I felt sad that he didn’t seem to notice or care.  Sigh

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the family doctor.  Still having twinges.  Still having anxiety attacks.  Still crying intermittently.   But I’m determined that whatever this is, I’m tougher.  

And I suspect it’s only a case of tendonitis.  

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