And now it’s just five

Five more days to get up at the crack of dawn.  And then about a week off, till Summer semester starts.  I am very unprepared for that class, but I’ll fake it and they’ll never know.   I’ve been putting off prepping for it – lots of reasons – partly because procrastination is my best trick, partly because I’m kinda busy with end of semester stuff.  Note to self – do NOT wait till the last minute to start writing the exams. 

End of semester equals end of patience.  I had to lay it down in today’s class, “stop talking constantly, you’re distracting everyone, and if I see you texting one more time – just give me the phone now” 

It’s the time of year when I rethink my career choice.  Do I really want to continue teaching?   I’m too old to change careers now, so I’ll muddle through.  

I’m so looking forward to time off.   I want to work on the garden, make some progress with the organ, spend time with Max and Bear.   Catch up on my reading, my crafts.  It will go so fast, but I’m determined to enjoy it all – while it happens – and worry about the future in the future. 

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