I used to be jealous

Of people who talked about their dogs being so excited and running to them when they came home.  Max has never been that sort of dog.   He’s always been sort of, “oh, you’re home.   I didn’t realize you were gone.”

Today I left at 9, and didn’t get home till 4:30.   I came in the door and he was there, tail wagging, body wiggling, curling around himself, and jumping up to lick my face.  This love fest went on for a good 5 minutes, continued out the door, into the field where he jumped up on me and ran away, zoomed back and jumped on me again, over and over.   I got his leash and his halter – I LOVE the Sporn harness! – and he did another happy dance, we had a really good walk – not a stroll, we’re movin!

I don’t know what made today different.  I sure did love it, though.


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