If I close my eyes, I’ll sleep for a week

And that would not be a good idea.

I do so much more when I don’t have to go to work. Today was:

  • get groceries
  • go to BJ’s
  • go to Walfart
  • go to Kohl’s because Walfart, as usual, didn’t have the thing I needed
  • walk Max, which involved him playing with Keno for about 15 minutes – yeah, we really need to work on recall
  • feed Max, go to Agway for his treats
  • give Max a bath
  • (beginning to notice a pattern?  My life centers around Max.)
  • make spaghetti sauce, eat supper, do dishes, put sauce in containers to freeze
  • take Max out – twice
  • watch some TV

I am very tired!  Tomorrow will be visiting the nursing home, ordering flowers for Anna, making a pie – Bear requested pumpkin – and lemon bars.  And cleaning the house.   And maybe sleeping late!

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