Lazy Sundays

I slept till noon
It was very much needed, being sick just knocks the stuffing out of a person. I’ve slept a lot this past week, but I’m feeling almost normal finally. It’s amazing how you don’t think about breathing – until it’s hard to do. I so rarely get sick enough to go to the doctor – I think I managed to scare the Bear pretty well this past week, enough of that for this year!

Today was one of those days that will never go down in history, but it was special all the same. Time spent with my husband, and it still amazes me that he loves me, that he married me, that he takes care of me every day and always puts me first in everything. Just cuddle time, quiet time, like when we first met. A quiet, wonderful, joyful sharing of each other.

Did I mention that I love him more than I ever thought possible?

We played with the monster dog, we had a nice dinner and soon we’ll be snoring. And tomorrow it’s back to the bullshit, but this one day, so quiet, so peaceful, will keep me going for a good long time.

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