I lost the Christmas card list

The dining room table – aka, the black hole – gets hosed off twice a year, maybe three times. (*Disclaimer – housekeeping is not my strong suit) It’s where I study, do school stuff, play on the computer, craft, and pretty much pile up books and cards and stuff. (My husband does the same to the kitchen table.) (We are essentially a couple of slobs)

(Clean slobs, but slobs, with just a touch of hoarding tossed in.) There are 25 unread books in this room currently, 3 in process in the kitchen, and one on the table waiting for me to finish taking notes.

Also on the table is an almost completed blanket – I’m at the point where I’m heartily sick of it and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow, at which time I will figure out what to do with it.

There is also a box of Christmas cards waiting to be addressed and sent out. I keep a list of names and addresses of those who grace us with a card each year – miss three years in a row and you’re off the list because I’m that kind of person. (Sorry, not sorry)

Two weeks ago, I had said list in my hands. It was in the cabinet with the cards – we have a plethora of Christmas cards because two years ago, the NRA had a huge sale and my husband’s eyes lit up and glorious boxes of cards were soon wending our way, in spite of my protestations that we send out perhaps 20 each year, and that includes the “special” cards I pick out from Hallmark (yes, Hallmark, don’t judge) for special friends, reducing the number of boxed cards to 15 at the most, and that he had ordered enough to last us for the rest of our natural lives. He didn’t care. I did manage to talk him out of ordering more when the next hot sale happened.

I moved the list for some reason which seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, although it currently escapes me. I remember thinking, when I put it wherever I put it, “I’m not gonna remember putting this here when I need it.”

Damn, I hate it when I’m right when I don’t want to be right. I looked in every place I could think today – the good thing was that I found the knitting needles I had also misplaced so finishing the above mentioned blanket will be much easier than I had thought it would be – but that doesn’t get the cards written

I guess it’s good that I have a reputation for always sending cards late. I have a reputation for other things too, but there’s no need to go into that now – suffice it to say that when you stir the pot, you sometimes need to tell someone to sit down and shut up and, although no one will admit it, you know that most of your relatives have wanted to do the same for years. That’s another post, another day.

Meanwhile, where the heck is that list?

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Because Maverick insists

In an absolutely shameless attempt to gain followers, I’m going to post this for Maverick

He has his own facebook page so if you’re on that hell hole of daily drama, and you want to get his version of events, please give him a follow at https://www.facebook.com/maverickpuppy/

Today has been a long walk, followed by a rousing game of tug, some ball tossing, and helping Mommah clean. This consists of him walking through the fur I just swept up and trying to bite the broom. I haven’t the heart to tell him it’s not really helping.

He finds it terribly amusing to bite the broom, even though I tell him Mommah is a witch and biting her broom is not a good idea. He just laughs and give me the “you wouldn’t curse me” look. Well, Little One, you got that part right

The semester is nearly over. Just the final tomorrow night, finishing up grades this week and a few weeks off till the next round starts. I am extremely grateful to be done this semester. It’s been more of a trial than some, although not as bad as others. I do believe I’ve typed “IT’S IN THE SYLLABUS!” in caps more times than ever before.

So I won’t miss that, and I will make changes in my online class so I don’t have to keep shouting that “IT’S IN THE FREAKIN SYLLABUS!” And hopefully next semester will be better

Meanwhile, Maverick would like me to take him out to potty

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is it over yet?

Christmas, the semester, the hot mess in Washington? Just be over with all this mess and move on?

Today was “just ignore it all ” day. Maverick and I walked in the rain. We got completely drenched and had the best walk we’ve had in ages. I think we should just walk in the rain every day. Can someone put that request in to Mother Nature, please?

Then we played ball for 1/2 hour till he was worn out, and ready to help with laundry. His help involves dragging the laundry basket hither and yon, getting it upside down over his head, biting the sides, dragging it some more and generally causing a ruckus. (Not really, but I like that word and you rarely get a chance to use it.)

He took a nap. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.
I read a book about how dogs learn. There’s not a chapter on napping, to my disappointment.

We played tug and then I read some more while he chewed something.

He even ate three meals today. (Maverick does not eat unless the spirit moves him – so this is a very good thing)

The TV has been silent since the Bear left for work.

It’s actually been a rather wonderful day.

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Dear Amazon

you are not my friend

I think I have a problem

It’s not hoarding if you actually read the books, is it? I mean, okay, the TBR pile is 12 deep in this room but I WILL read them all. So what if there are three more TBR piles upstairs? I could be smoking or doing drugs, right?

I can’t describe the joy of finding a book I’d forgotten I owned and realizing I didn’t read it yet, it’s brand new, oh yay, THIS time I’ll read it, I really will!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with dog training books, books about how dogs learn, books about how to keep your dog amused, books that have a dog on the cover even if they have nothing to do with dog training. I find it very difficult to resist that “one click” button. On the plus side, I’m learning a ton about dogs. I seriously think I’ll be a dog trainer in my next career. It can’t be more difficult than teaching accounting, right?

Maverick thinks I’d be better served by just petting him constantly and throwing the ball whenever he brings it to me, letting him run around off leash and letting him eat the books.

This is why I buy training books.

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Holiday blues

They’ve hit hard this year. I’m not sure why this year is worse than others, last year was darkened by the sudden death of my brother in law but even then I wasn’t nearly as sad as I am this year.

I’m missing the old days. We did Christmas when I was a kid like there would never be another Christmas and this one had to be the best ever. I spent hours shopping, in stores and online, looking for the perfect present. We started planning in the summer, crafting began in June or July and there was always that last present that was just finished up Christmas Eve. It was a time of joy, of delight in watching the faces light up and hearing, “where did you FIND this? It’s perfect!” It wasn’t about the stuff – okay, it was about the stuff – but it was also about the joy of giving.

My grandchildren want money. Nothing else. Money. I feel like an ATM. There is no planning, no joy, no happy excitement. My husband makes the Grinch look like a Christmas lover. He also wants nothing. He’s more than happy to buy me presents – if I tell him what I want.

He can’t buy the joy.

Maverick will be more spoiled than normal. That may or may not make me feel worse.

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In my infinite wisdom, I helped the department chair choose a new text book, from a new publisher, this semester. I spent the summer reading and making notes and creating videos from this new text book. When the semester began, I had completed 6 out of 10 chapters. I have one chapter left to do, and a few days before it opens for my online students.

And I have no ambition whatsoever. Maybe it’s because I’m (still) battling this cold. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost my joy in teaching. Many things are going on at my college, and for the first time in 15 years, I wasn’t asked to teach a class on campus next semester. I’ve had several long talks with myself about this, but the feelings of hurt and disrespect have yet to dissipate.

When I was a kid, I was always the last chosen for any team. I was quite unathletic, preferring a book to a ball any day. (My mother would have to shove me out the door in the summer, and I would have my book in hand, searching for a bug free spot to sit and read till she let me come back inside) (She wasn’t meaning to punish me, she just wanted me to get some fresh air) (And may have been tired of working around me, I would be planted in one spot all day unless she forced me to move)

Even then, even though I didn’t want to play on their stupid teams, it hurt to not be chosen. It hurt to hear, “you take her this time, we got stuck with her last time!” I don’t blame the other kids, kids say stupid shit and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted me on my team either. I sucked. But I remember how it felt. And that’s how this feels.

So, I’ve kind of got a bad attitude. And yet, I’ll get it done. And hopefully it will be better next semester. I’m kind of looking forward to it – I’m teaching online so I can spend an hour a day catching up on emails and grading and never have to leave the house unless I want to. Snow days? Piffle, I’m not getting out of my jammies.

And maybe I’ll finally get this wild puppy on a schedule of some sort

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Catching a cold and other fun stuff

It’s bad enough to be catching a cold – WHERE THE HELL IS MY VITAMIN C?????????? – but hubby is right there beside me, sniffing and sneezing and he won’t take THE DAMNED VITAMIN C!

Maverick thinks that this is a bunch of nonsense and that we should all just stop being tired and go play. Thank you very much.

“get the damned ball, Mommah!”

He’ll probably be next since he decided to cuddle for half an hour this morning. Pretty much made his assholery from yesterday and the day before worth it.

“what is this assholery of which you speak?”

That would be the “almost take Mommah to the ground at the park, causing Mommah to swear quite loudly, in public, also causing judgey eyes to be cast upong us, assholery, Little One.

Ah, yes, walking is a joy with this kid Seems that half my day is spent trying to figure out why something didn’t work and what possibly will. I’ve got a ton of money invested in training manuals and courses – and seriously, telling me what I should have done is so not helpful, Maybe the next book will hold the answer. If not, at least I got the joy of buying another book!

I have learned much about dog behavior in this past year – and a great deal more about people and about myself. Apparently I can be quite the hard ass when it comes to my dog. And that’s not such a bad thing, really.

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Things I don’t understand

Why did I write out detailed directions for a semester long project, and make sure those directions are in at least three places in the course, only to have students turn in anything but what those directions tell them to do?

Why does Maverick thing he’s the lead dog and I’m the sled?

Why can’t I leave the chips alone? I’m not even hungry but they’re calling my name

Why is it 4:15 and I have yet to get a shower today?

Why am I doing this instead of getting a shower?

Why did I decide to make apple cake when I’m feeling fat? (The fact that it’s in the oven is why my fat ass is not in the shower)

Why do people think that their quirks are more important than mine?

Why is the sky blue?

Why do we have to have changing seasons? It could be summer all year and I’d be fine with that

Is it acceptable to take a nap when you have piles of stuff to grade?

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Get your shoulders down from your ears, kid

Maverick has a bad habit of licking his paw when he’s bored – or, as Dr. Dave says, “he needs a girlfriend.” (My response to that was, “I will do most anything for my puppy, but I draw the line there.) (He stopped laughing eventually)

Maverick also has a bad habit of taking off into the woods whenever I trust him offleash. (This will not be happening again any day soon, bow season starts soon and even though he can be a horrid little shit, he’s the center of my world and I prefer him without arrow holes.)

Yesterday, he had a good old romp – was gone for at least five minutes during which my heart stopped several times. (Now you see why I say he’s a little shit)

He came back, all kinds of happy with himself, and full of boogie lice. I promised to brush him out later, when I wasn’t tempted to use the brush in ways that were more appropriate than what I was imagining at that moment.

He took a nap, which he thought was well deserved, and which I thought was a good idea since I was a wee tad annoyed with the little shit.

He woke up when I went to make supper. Came towards me, putting very little weight on his right front paw. What the hell did you do, little one? He may be a shit, but I cannot deal with him being injured – why did I let him out, why did I think it was okay for him to run free, what the hell have I allowed to happen to my baby? (I am a drama queen, okay?)

(In case you didn’t know)

He proceeded to lick the paw, nonstop, for the next half hour. Nothing I did could stop it. I was in tears, knowing he’s making things worse and unable to stop it. I called a friend, who came bearing a cone and epsom salts. She examined the paw, nothing stuck in it, just red and sore. When she left, I attempted to soak this paw in a bowl of water with the Epsom salts.

The water ended up all over me and the floor.

I gave him a baby aspirin and he finally settled. This morning, little evidence of a limp, no licking. Till after lunch, and then it began again. The limping is less pronounced but the licking – stands on my last nerve and twists. I tried the cone – that was a disaster.

So it seems we’ll be off to the vet on Monday if this doesn’t resolve tomorrow. And I’ll try to remain calm and not think I’ve somehow damaged my puppy forever.

(Drama queen, remember? I need booze!)

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It’s a smaller place than we think

I can’t remember how many years ago I started following this lovely blogger https://rachelmankowitz.com/. She has introduced me to more than a few wonderful things over time, and tonight was another of those times – with a post she wrote about fabric birds. I searched out the creator of those birds, and voila, a new blog to follow.

Thank you, my friend.

I was feeling a bit annoyed with the world – we have a new publisher for the text we use to teach accounting and I’m struggling with their online portion. I thought I was pretty good with computer stuff, I teach a bloody accounting class online and I thought I did a pretty decent job, but this is just…………words fail me. Cluster comes to mind! It is a frustrating experience, and one that daily gets more frustrating.

But I’ll manage.

I was also feeling like I’m not getting anywhere with training the puppy – and then I remembered – Progress, not Perfection.

I’ll manage.

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