Until I married the Bear, I didn’t have health insurance. I was young, healthy, saw no need. When my appendix ruptured, my parents paid the bill. (Yes, I was that spoiled.) (Judge me not)

I had the normal kinda seasonal stuff – a cold every Winter, a cold every Summer. Some were worse than others.

How do I know one was worse than the other? Because I had more than one and could compare one year to the next.

Along came Covid. Along with Covid came the push to get vaccinated. Many did, many did not. Those who did, and subsequently got Covid, universally have thanked the jab because “without it, I would have been so much sicker!”

One question. Did you ever have Covid? If so, was it before or after the jab? If you never had Covid, and you got the Fauci Ouchie, and then you GOT Covid, you have no basis for comparison, and your statement that you would have been sicker without the jab is without merit.

Why are so many people falling for this false premise? I have had the flu, many times. I had the Russian flu many years ago. I was so sick, I could barely get off the sofa. I had the flu 17 years ago, Bear and I had just gotten married and the kids gave us the flu for Christmas. Or maybe it was a wedding present. 🙂 At any rate, we were both sick for a week or more.

I never got a flu shot. (Note, it is NOT called a “flu vaccine” because it doesn’t stop you getting flu, it just makes it not so awful if you do.) I started getting them when I married Bear. Since then, when I’ve gotten the flu, I have not been as sick as I was when I had not gotten the flu shot.

I have a basis for comparison.

Why does no one seem to see that if you did not have Covid before you got the jab, you can’t say that “it would have been so much worse without it!”

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The Bodies of Others – Naomi Wolf

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Morning joy

I actually got to sleep till 8 this morning. With Bear working days now, he leaves at 6 and sometimes Maverick thinks that means Mommah should be up and functional at that hour.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Do not wake a sleeping witch at the crack o’dawn. I don’t do curses, and that’s a very good thing if you wake me that early – and expect me to be functional.

I got him into his harness, into the car, off to daycare. I call Maverick “Rocket Man” because when he takes off, it’s with very little notice and he moves fast. When we got to daycare, I cracked the back door open so I could get the leash. I thought he was excited to be there.

I was wrong

He saw a bunny – I presume. I didn’t see it, I was too busy being spun around, smacking my arm into a sign, and trying to hold onto the leash.

He’s gonna put me in the hospital one of these days.

So today we’re going to start working on some impulse control activities. Mommah is old and will break. Say a prayer for us!

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Routine maintenance

I think I should have been born a dog. Preferably a Golden Retriever so I could eat all the food, sniff everything and just be happy all the time. (That is not a complete sentence, and I don’t care, but Goldens are like honey badgers in that sense, they just don’t give a fuck.)

I am a creature of habit. I get up, take Maverick to daycare, drink my coffee, write in my journals and go for a walk. About a month ago, my body decided to make other plans. There’s this lovely nerve that starts in your back and goes all the way to your foot – the sciatic nerve – and when it doesn’t feel happy, no one feels happy. Mine is not happy. After a few days of random jolts of pain, and feeling like someone grabbed my thigh and squeezed hard, off to the doctor I went. “aha!” he said, “you have a sciatic nerve flaring. I shall refer you to OSS.”

Off to OSS (Orthopaedic Services something) I go. “Aha!” said my lovely doctor there, “you have a sciatic nerve flariing! I shall send you to therapy.”

Off to therapy I go. Meanwhile, I hurt. Some days are worse than others and therapy is helping, but my leg isn’t reliable. Five minutes on the treadmill sent me to the sofa for 1/2 hour, after a liberal application of Voltarin gel (that stuff is great!).

This is not for sympathy, by the way. My mother used to tell us that if we wanted sympathy, we could find it in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis. (She was a woman of little patience.) It’s merely an observation that when my routine is disturbed, I walk around like I have no clue what to do with myself.

Well, the good thing is that I’ve been hoeing out a spare bedroom. Slowly, but it’s getting done. When your great nephew mentions coming to visit and you realize that you have 4 bedrooms and no place for a guest to sleep, it’s time to start clearing the hoard. (Don’t touch my books or yarn, and we’ll be fine.)

Also, much as I love Summer, allergies are kicking my ass today. I have sneezed so many times I think my brains need to be stuffed back up my nose.

I have been watching The Young and the Restless (or, as we call it, “the old and the listless”) and The Bold and the Beautiful for a very long time. I don’t watch regularly, but most of the time you can go for months and not really miss much. Currently B&B has become quite exciting, with the return of a wonderful villain, the return of a heroine, although this Taylor leaves me missing the old one, and the possible downfall, once again, of Brooke (the mattress) Logan. B&B is on at 1:30. My therapy has been scheduled for 1 or 1:30 every other day. Therapy is about 90 minutes so there’s no way I’m catching my soap, and no, we don’t DVR.

I was very excited on Tuesday because I had no therapy, Maverick was at daycare, Bear was at work and I could watch the soap all by myself. I got my iced coffee (it’s Summer) and my knitting, and turned on the tv and WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK. IS. THIS. SHIT?????????????????? My soap was pre-empted by the Jan 6th “hearings.” Really? Really? REALLY????????????????

I think I speak for a great many Americans who think that people wandering around the Capitol was far less of a “threat to democracy” than the “mostly peaceful protests” that occurred all summer freakin long. Does no one remember the riots around the Capitol in 2016 because Hillary lost? I’d be willing to bet that more damage was done to our democracy by that bullshit than on January 6th.

I’m over it.

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Mindless knitting

Because I like to knit and read or knit and watch TV, I usually have something totally mindless on the needles. I also like to shop the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby, and they often have the “faux fur” type yarn on sale. It’s mindlessly fun to make scarves from that stuff. However. It is also incredibly difficult to see the stitches.

Last night I discovered that in my exhaustion from the previous night, I somehow left an extremely long tail of yarn in the middle of a row about 10 back from where I was. It wasn’t where I joined another ball, it was just this long tail of yarn, hanging there for no apparent reason.

Fine, I said, I can frog this baby back to that. The knitting goddess laughed. Long and heartily.

So I guess tonight I’m starting another scarf from that ball of yarn I wound up last night

It doesnt’ really look this bad and I don’t know where this photo came from
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Show me the way to go home

I’m tired and I want to go to bed. In my bed. With my Bear. And my blankets. And my puppy stealing my huggin bear.

One more sleep and I’m home. Today I drove for another 2.5 hours to spend the day with a friend I’ve known forever and just met a few years ago. We met online on a soap opera message board (don’t judge). Bear was working 3-11, I didn’t know anyone and was a bit scared of the neighbors, so after dark fell, I would close the curtains and lock the doors and get online. We would discuss Brooke Logan and Nikki Newman and all the other characters and just have a good time. After a few years, we wandered to our own little message board and there we’ve been ever since. When Covid hit, I decided it was time we met, since it would be just a short detour on my trip to NY. Three years ago we met the first time and now it’s a tradition.

We went to a craft fair and bought a few things. Then she asked if I liked carousels. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE carousels. So off we went. Endicott, NY is apparently famous for carousels. I thought they would just be something you could see, take pictures, walk around. But NOOOOOOOOo, you can RIDE on them!!!!!!!!!!!! They work!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like a 4 year old kid again. I laughed so much, my heart felt so full of joy, it was just wonderful! Each one was better than the last. We went to a nursery and I bought a few plants, to the bookstore and I bought a couple of books, had some good food, and back to the motel for the night.

I’m exhausted. It was a long week, a lot of driving, I’d be willing to pay someone to drive me home tomorrow so I could just sleep the whole way, but it’s only 4 hours, I hope to be home by noon, but 1 is more realistic. A shower, some good coffee, lunch, and a nap are in my future. I have physical therapy at 4 and will probably be beaten up because I’ve done little all week. Bear will pick up Maverick and the reunion will be epic. And I’ll be home, in my bed, snoring my head off, by midnight.

I can’t wait.

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One more time

If I were rich, I’d have a lady’s maid (stop laughing, I can be a lady when the need arises) to do my packing and a chauffer to drive me to NY. I hate packing. I’m not all that thrilled with the driving anymore,either. People are just stupid behind the wheel! Seriously, when you’re going 80 mph, it’s not a good idea to cut someone off who is going equally as fast as you!

Anyway. It’s time for the annual visit to the relatives. Yesterday was quite a lovely day, barely a cloud in the sky, about 78 degrees – roll the windows down and enjoy the breeze weather. There was also very little traffic, which my husband says was because it was Saturday but I’m wondering if it’s more likely gas prices. If this trip hadn’t been planned for ages, I would have been rethinking it – my car only runs on premium so I’ve been paying over $5 a gallon for some time now, and I expect here in NY that it will be worse. (Aside – how the heck did we get here? More important – how the heck do we get out of here?????)

Normally, I get here and check in and unload the car and then get back in the car and go to a relative. Then I end up totally exhausted and crash at about 10 pm. This year I decided I’m really not all that excited about wearing myself out so I checked in, unloaded the car, called the Bear to check in – he worries – and just relaxed for an hour. Checked email, checked the unsocial media sites, called a friend and then went and got dinner – take out from a local restaurant – got some groceries (milk for my coffee) and came back to the motel.

After a chat with the Bear, I had my supper, got a shower, got in my jammies and started putting bracelets together. I brought the wrong elastic, so there’s a trip to JoAnn’s in my near future. But a great niece also makes bracelets so I’ll be giving her this elastic and getting myself the stuff I need later. I read awhile, watched a stupid movie, thought about crocheting and decided I was not quite functional enough to follow a pattern at that point, had an adult beverage and hit the sack, And it felt good.

Today I’m off to visit my oldest sister, who has been my best friend since the day I was born. Since it’s Sunday, some of her kids are stopping by, and I haven’t seen some of them in ages so that will be nice. Then later, I may see one of my oldest friends. If he’s busy, I’ll head to JoAnn’s!

I’m determined to make this trip be as stress free as possible. The last time I was here was for a funeral. The annual trip last summer ended in tears – a fight with my other sister, who still isn’t speaking to me – and while there were some bright spots, there was more sadness than joy. I didn’t drive 5 1/2 hours to not enjoy this time, so I’m not going to let anyone dim my sparkle for the next 9 days. Got it? Good.

Meanwhile, Maverick is apparently adjusting well to my absence. I leaned over to give him a kiss yesterday morning, he raised his head, quickly, and slammed it into my lower lip. I was expecting a bruise but it didn’t happen, so thank the Goddess for that! He’ll be fine, and the reunion will be epic, as always.

But I only brought one book and I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish it! Oh, dear, I guess I’ll have to hit the bookstore!

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All done but the button

Ignore the mistakes!

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There may be hope

I read this essay tonight:

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It’s been awhile

This semester has been a bit on the crazy side. (Sorry, Kristi) I normally teach 2 or 3 classes each semester so it’s not that it’s too much work, but I’ve become accustomed to teaching purely virtual with maybe one remote session thrown in. This time I had three remote, which means I have to actually be on the computer and act like it’s a real classroom. (It’s not, it’s my dining room, my students are in their homes in whatever state of dress is convenient and no one really knows if they’re even actually there because we can’t ask them to turn on their cameras.) M/W was two classes, one at 11 and one at 2 and for some reason that made perfect sense to me at the time, I scheduled office hour at 1.

Teaching people face to face is exhausting. I know, I’m not out there in the heat laying bricks, but sometimes I think it would be less tiring to do that!

Also, I was offered a summer class that I haven’t taught in years. The book for this class, for all the accounting classes actually, is horrible. I have yet to have a student tell me they’ve been able to get any knowledge from these texts. So instead of just reading the text and writing lecture notes, I’m spending hours online searching for better explanations and examples of concepts that are complicated enough without making the students pull their hair out (and give up). The slides provided by the dept chair are no help. I teach using the PowerPoint as my backup, jumping off points, outline of the course sort of. I put a lot of information into the slides and the students seem to appreciate it. I just finished redoing his slides for the first chapter, the content went from 7 slides to 28. (He likes to be minimal, he told me. I like to be loquacious.)

Meanwhile, it feels like the world is continuing to go to Hell in handbasket, very quickly. Apparently there was a huge dump of documents from Pfizer the other day, but we were all distracted by someone leaking a document from the Supreme Court. My thoughts on abortion are pretty well set – I’m old enough to remember when the only method of birth control available was the rhythm method (we called people who used that “parents.”) I find it really hard to believe that anyone has to resort to abortion instead of taking precautions to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. ((I know there are exceptions, but as Bill Clinton (and I never thought I’d agree with him on anything) said, abortion should be legal, safe and RARE.))

My favorite meme of the day said “if you could wear a mask for two years, you can wear a condom when having sex.” If you don’t want to get pregnant, do something about it before it happens. Abortion should not be a form of birth control.

And, whoever broke the trust of the Court, and broke their promise to not reveal any documents, etc, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This, to me, is far more serious than January 6th, which was basically a bunch of jackasses taking selfies. Except for Ashli Babbit, and we’re not supposed to talk about her.

And how do you all feel about the Ministry of Truth? That woman looks like the woman in Hunger Games, and that’s all I can see. I’m way too outspoken for this nonsense, so if you suddenly don’t hear from me, I’m probably in a re-education camp somewhere. SEND YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I picked up the Wonderful Wallaby and got back into it. I had gotten to the “fuse the pouch” section and froze, then got busy, and finally got that part done the other night. I think my gauge is messed up, though, because I’m very quickly adding the sleeves to the body. We shall see, this is an experiment and it’s not expensive yarn so I consider it a learning experience.

Maverick turned 4 last week. There was a pawtee at daycare and he got a president from his best buddy Oscar. I suspect he’ll be blogging about that at some point, when he isn’t so busy with digging holes and trying to get into the woods. Meanwhile, Mommah has been reading and buying more dog books. We’ve started playing a bit with scent work, I ask him to touch the pouch with his nose and he gets a treat. After about 5 touches, he looks at me like, “are you seriously that stupid that you can’t figure out that’s the pouch?” and walks away. He’s a lot of fun to train, that one.

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Oh my word

Maverick is blogging again

He’s fine, really

He’s such a drama queen.

Anyway. He really is fine.

But if you use a collar, and your dog pulls, be aware of neck injuries.

PSA for today. 🙂

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