French Fries

We used to eat a lot of French Fries at my house. When I met the Bear, the only things in his fridge were beer and take out containers.


We were so far apart in our eating habits, I guess we’re proof that opposites attract and that love can conquer all. 🙂

He taught me to love French Fries, I convinced him that a salad was not actually going to poison him. Over the years, our diets have changed, when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, we had a very long talk with our family doctor (a very sweet man who finds it amusing that I called him Dr. G for two years before one day asking if he minded, and who takes the time to answer any and all questions we have.. He also has never once pushed the jab and that alone makes me love him) who told us what to avoid to get the numbers down and keep them there.

(Pre-diabetes is reversable, but once it goes into the real thing, it’s not. Or so I understand. I’m not a doctor, I just ask a lot of questions. )

So a half bag of French Fries for supper became a quarter bag, and fried foods and take out were pretty much eliminated The numbers came down and stayed down, and while we do indulge more now than we did at first, we’re still careful.

All that said, Friday nights have always been Fish Fry Fridays. I get the breaded haddock squares and we pull out the deep fryer and have a fish sandwich and French Fries. (Currently I’m addicted to sweet potato fries) (I know you don’t care, but I overshare at times, so hush)

Today is grocery day. This is a day that lately makes me cringe because dear Jebus, what went up in price this week? Well, this week it was French Fries. From $2.99 a bag to $5.49.

I kid you not

I am not happy. I could handle $7 a dozen eggs. I wasn’t pleased, but I dealt with it. But FRENCH FRIES? This is blasphemy. My husband, dear man that he is, explained that the price of gas is up and so the truckers have to pay more and it trickles down to the price of everything increasing.

Yes, Dear, I am aware. I am highly educated and almost as smart as I’m precious. I really don’t care about all that hoohah, however. I care that my damned French Fries have gotten almost too expensive for my weekly indulgence.

Damn it, I miss mean tweets!

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9 Responses to French Fries

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    You don’t have to pay for frozen fries. Make your own! If you want, grow your own sweet potatoes. (Grow them in pots with netting over them to keep the raccoons out.).

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  2. If I could only take one food to a deserted island, it would be freshly fried and salted French fries. Thus says the diabetic who will always be a diabetic even though her numbers are below pre-diabetic range (Dr. G is correct). My bestie recently discovered she likes the sweet potato fries, so when we meet once a month for lunch, she’ll have those with whatever she orders and I’ll have the regular fries with whatever I order.

    I’d give up beef before I’d give up French fries!

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    • I swear that French Fries were invented by the angels! They are seriously one of my favorite things ever! Also, I love Dr. G. I yelled at him once, apologized later and he laughed and said “I’ve heard worse.” Loved that man ever since!


  3. Amazing how prices skyrocketed over the past two years and two months. 😡
    I went to the market yesterday and once again suffered sticker shock but as my BIL says, “you can’t take it with you”.
    I would love to grow some vegetables but the dear deer would think it’s all for them. If I could figure out how to grow the plants on our roof, I could feed the neighborhood…or at least the closest neighbors.
    I did, however, get a certificate for a free ham AND use the extra points to save $0.80 per gallon on gas!

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    • I got my ham certificate last week. We can grow tomatoes, everything else gets eaten by the critters. If I planted on the roof, the birds would eat them! I’m lucky in that our neighbors all share, we live on what some would consider huge lots (we have 11 acres) but we still take care of each other round here.

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    Pretty soon we will all be visiting the food pantries! you might try making your own French fries in an air fryer? I don’t have one but at the way things are going up it might be the only way not to break the bank! Try planting mint around and in your garden, I know marigolds and nostrums keep bugs away but the mint might help keep the deer away.

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