One more day

Last semester I taught 5 classes. Over the summer, I taught two and took one. My college decided to divide what used to be a 16 week couse into 2 “mini-mesters” of 7 weeks each, splitting the course work in half and totally changing the curriculum, 3 semesters ago. This effectively increased my workload without increasing my paycheck, but hey, I’m just an adjunct so I shut up and take the crumbs they offer.

The class I took was 12 weeks – so the entire summer – and it was one ton of work, but I loved it. The classes I taught were 6 weeks each, because summer classes are always shorter.

I had two weeks off.
Tomorrow is my last day till the next round begins. Again, I have five classes. Three are remote and two are totally virtual. I didn’t care for remote at first, but with masking rules and distancing rules (which have worked SO well to end this pandemic – 15 days to flatten the curve, people!) and plastic barriers and “are you vaccinated, you uncaring piece of shit?” I’m happy to be home, in my dining room, where no one cares if I’ve even showered as long as the parts of me that are visible on camera are presentable.

(This is actually quite astonishing, since I was raised by a woman who never left the house without being dressed appropriately, who wore an apron every time she cooked – which is something I’m starting to realize was a really good idea – and who would be totally appalled at the idea of me teaching a college class while wearing shorts.) (They can’t see my legs) (I wear my diamonds, does that count, Mother?) )

I planned to read and sew for two weeks. I didn’t sew as much as I wanted, I did finish 3 cloth books for the sweetest baby ever born, and I finished knitting a scarf, and read three books. I may just have to blog about those books later.

And now it’s Saturday night. I spent half of today in bed, sleeping off a UTI, and the other half on the lawn swing, reading. It was hot and Maverick was being a dipshidiot, and I was just exhausted by life – I climbed into a book and didn’t come out for a few hours – looked around, saw nothing had changed, and climbed into the next.

Tomorrow is my last day before the crazies begin again. I’ll take Maverick for a walk, and write up a welcome message for students who won’t read it, double check dates in my classes because if there’s one that’s wrong, they’ll be sure to point it out, and then maybe just read all day. Or finish the apron I started sewing – because Hazel was right.

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14 Responses to One more day

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well. I hope you’re better:)
    This hand basket to hell is worse by the day. I dare not comment on any of it because I don’t want to tempt what may be worse to happen.
    7 week (omg 6 week!) classes are just not great for either side. You barely get to know each other, figure out how things work and it’s over. My daughter complained endlessly through college.
    Good luck on your first day back! I hope the students want to be there and make teaching them enjoyable:)

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  2. I am stealing your word “dipshidiot”.
    Several college professors/adjuncts I know refused to teach those mini classes.
    I have read and listened to several books while knitting a couple pairs of socks. I should blog about the socks. I even hand dyed the yarn!
    I don’t understand the half apron. The one that covers from the waist down. I have two full aprons that I wear (though not at the same time) when I know there’s a good chance I’m going to slop something on myself.
    A former boss always took the first day back to work off because, you know, it’s the first day back and he needed to get his mind back into work-mode. I suppose that won’t fly with you. Tomorrow will be a brand new term with a clean slate. Good luck!

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    • I don’t get the half aprons either – I need all the parts covered, I tend to be a messy cook. I actually don’t have a choice about the classes, if I refused them, I’d be looking for employment elsewhere. I don’t mind the length, but they screwed up the curriculum something stupid. (Dipshidiots) I listen to books while I walk, check out – they have great sales every day!


  3. Drink your cranberry juice.

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    • I take cranberry pills every day on the advice of my urologist

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      • Yup. As an ancient married man I am intimately familiar with the uses of cranberry be it juiced or in pill form.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        I use to get an occasional awful uti until I started drinking a 16 oz bottle of water with 4 drops or doTERRA essential oil in it every day, but not all at once, Usually takes me several hrs to drink a bottle of water, I usually drink it in the morning so I don’t forget :P. I can’t guarantee the essential oils in the store don’t have fillers in them, but I know doTERRA or Young Living oils are pure. Lemon oil has anti-bacterial properties, good for cleaning too :P.

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      • Which oil do you use? We do doTerra oils for a lot of stuff but I’m always nervous to ingest them. I drink a TON of water, and I drink OJ to balance PH. I take Aloe Vera pills, too.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        Any of the doTERRA oils that can be ingested will have a Essential Oil Supplement and supplement facts on the outside of the bottle to let you know it’s safe to take internally. If there is no supplement facts then do not use it internally. I use a lot of them. You can go to the doTERRA website and look at the single oils and it will give you information about what it can be used for and if it’s ok to take internally. Some of them that can be used internally taste awful LOL, I use those in a veggi capsule. 😛 My favorites to use are a drop of cloves on my toothpaste, 2 or 3 drops of peppermint oil in my hot chocolate, and lemon oil in my water. Tho I have a lot of different oils that I use for different reasons :). I love lavender for bug bites, scratches, minor cuts, minor burns, and hives, it takes the ouchies and itches away and it doesn’t hurt going on! I use it in a 10ml rollerball bottle 17 drops of lavender to the rest fractionated coconut oil as a carrier to dilute it for sensitive skin, then just roll it on the bug bite, scratch, hive etc.

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      • I have the lavender roller and the peppermint too. And I couldn’t survive without Deep Blue.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        My daughter loves the deep blue for her shoulders because they are always tight and painful.

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      • I don’t why I just saw this. I have this massage thing that sort of pounds on you, it’s great for shoulders, back, etc. My shoulders are often tight too.

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    Loved this blog, made me smile :). My favorite words to call people who are being what you said is a word I got from Bugs Bunny “Nincowpoop” lol Cartoons definitely have their place :).

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