We’re a mess

I have this weather app on my phone that gives me the weather for weeks in advance. It’s not really accurate past yesterday but none of them are, and this one is better than some. I look at the next two weeks for shits and giggles, as my husband likes to say. (This is a PA expression I never heard till I moved here, and it cracks me up still after almost 20 years) This morning it told me that next Tuesday, the 16th, we will get 24 inches of snow. And that the following Friday we will get another 12 inches.

Shoot me now, throw the gun in the lake and forget where you put it so when they pass that lovely law they’re trying to push through, you won’t have to register it with the government and pay a wicked amount of insurance. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, research HR127 – here’s a link for you https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127?s=2&r=37. And pray you don’t have an ex who would make it impossible for you to protect yourself if that person was an abuser who just might come to get some revenge)

That aside, I don’t drive in the snow. The township doesn’t plow the paths at the parks. I have no issue with that, they have far more important things to do. Maverick, however, is not at all impressed with the inability to go for a walk. People do walk at the parks, resulting in frozen foot prints. Maverick doesn’t know the meaning of “walk slowly” and that mess is just a broken ankle waiting to happen.

So we’ve been housebound for a few days. He’s an attention hog. If we can’t find a way to run off some energy, he demands that I play with him, pet him, take him outside, do something NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure there’s enough booze in this house.

So I’m counting the days till Spring and praying we survive till we can get our daily walks again. Keep your fingers crossed.

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10 Responses to We’re a mess

  1. Kristi says:

    Housebound with a rambunctious dog?? ORDER SOME MORE BOOZE!! People here are complaining about a dusting of snow…I can’t imagine feet of it!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    • About 11 years ago, we got back to back blizzards. We had about more than 3 feet of snow in the space of three days. I hate it. I hate the feeling of being trapped. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors who have huge tractors (they have a big farm) and snow removal equipment and will get us out as quickly as possible, but I still hate it more and more every year.

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  2. My guess is you’re not giving the booze to the dog;) Just kidding. When I was a kid we had a shepherd mix who helped herself to a 5th of VO. She drank just enough to have a long nap and wake up hungover. She never did that again:)
    I have no great suggestions. We did buy Myles one of those fancy dog puzzles that you fill with treats. It kept him busy for bits of time.
    My husband is unhappy about the gun thing. He belongs to a club and shoots in competitions. I’m not against reasonable gun laws (I’m in Massachusetts so I know what unreasonable ones look like) but I can see unreasonable coming.

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    • I’m not against reasonable gun laws either – I find it astonishing that in PA you can walk into a gun shop and walk out less than an hour later with a lethal weapon. There should be a few days “coolilng off” period between the purchase and the pick up, I think.
      We have several puzzle toys, and a snuffle mat, and we play “find Mommah” and try to wear him out, the problem is that I have school work to do and he doesn’t think I should be doing anything but playing with him. I can’t wait for Spring!

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I didn’t realize your part of the state started getting blizzards again. We’ve changed to dustings and stayed there for years. I don’t know if this would work for Maverick, but for my high energy boys. I put them on a 50 foot leash and throw snowballs for them to chase. The effort of hopping through the snow makes them pretty tired.

    Don’t worry, with the 8% increase on personal income tax Gov. Woof-Woof wants, affording those weapons will be easy-peasy on your budget!

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  4. Oh, my friend, I like my phone’s app better than yours! After 5″ yesterday and 13″ last weekend, we have possibly precipitation again on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend. My borough is pretty good at plowing, but my landlord (who is rumored to own half of the buildings in the borough) is not so great about shoveling walks or clearing the parking lot. I need to get out just for the sake of getting out! Here’s to Phil and the Farmer’s Almanac being wrong!!???!!!!!

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    We are fortunate to have well cleared roads here. Since Razz is a bit older than Maverick, I take him around our neighborhood twice and that is about a mile. Just perfect for our tired paws.

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  6. I think I’ll mow my lawn later today. With the temps in the 70s it has been growing quickly. Max likes to go out in the backyard and lay in the sun while I do chores. I feel your pain – it gets chilly at night here, too. 😈

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