Double Irish Chain

I made this quilt for my best friend’s daughter. We went shopping for fabric, my BFF and I. She knows absolutely zero about quilting, so she picked out the fabric for the squares – which has a little pattern that you really can’t see in the pictures – and then the light blue, and a lovely pale, off white print for the second color.

Umm, that won’t work, I told her. She insisted it would be lovely.

I pulled out the dark blue. Wouldn’t this be nice, I said?

Nope, she wanted the white.

Okay, then, got 3 yards of it, shaking my head and going, “it’s not for you, just do what she wants.”

A few hours later, she called me and said, “you know, I think the dark blue would be better, can we take the white back?”

No, we can’t, but off we went to the store again and came home with the dark blue.

The first day, I also bought a batting and fabric for the back and a few other odds and ends ( a 2 1/2 square ruler that has paid for itself many times) and some needle and some thread, and the bill came to about $250. As I expected it would

She nearly passed out, People who don’t craft are odd creatures, I swear. 🙂

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13 Responses to Double Irish Chain

  1. Sheree says:

    Gorgeous end result!


  2. Bitey Dog says:

    So pretty! Isn’t it funny how the fewer the colors in a quilt, the harder it is to get them right? At least your friend had the good sense to nearly faint and show that she noticed and appreciated the extent of your gift. And that didn’t take into account all the time and pain that goes into making a quilt. Your friend’s daughter must have been soooo happy to receive her gift!

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    • Oh, it was definitely well received! Funny story, I knew this marriage wouldn’t last so I embroidered the names in the middle block with full intention of pulling them out at some point. When indeed, the marriage dissolved, my BBF’s daughter mentioned it and I said, “no worries, I planned for this, easy fix.” The look on her face as she said, “Was I the only one who didn’t know?” was priceless!

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  3. ekurie says:

    I see the hearts! Until I joined a quilting group (their kindness far exceeded my ability) I couldn’t understand why hand-made quilts were expensive. I learned they are actually a huge bargain. And never wear out.

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    • quilting is something my mom taught me – one of her favorites was the Double Irish Chain, she made it in greens and when asked what the pattern was called, I invariably said, “mine.” I inherited it and it’s never been used – and I’m sure she’d kick my butt because she said that quilts were not meant to be displayed but to be used.

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  4. They are!
    What beautiful creations you create!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. I don’t craft. So, OK, I’m odd. Fine, just fine.


  6. Just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing this week.
    Best wishes and ❤ ! 🙂
    (((HUGS))), too. 🙂

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  7. Kristi says:

    Omg!! I love to make quilts and that is beeaaauuurrrriiifffuuulll!!!

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    • thank you! I just found a bunch of hexagons I cur a loooooong time ago for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden and I’m feeling the urge to sew them together. Tiny things, so hand sewing is required. Maybe Maverick will co-operate with me doing that?
      I made myself snort


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