Leashes, walks, and other fun stuff

I learned several things this past week.

First, don’t try to walk the puppy when you’re pissed off.   I was not pissed at the puppy, I was just pissed and took a walk to not be pissed.   Saturdays are days that I usually don’t go to the park because it’s just too damned peopley.    Maverick is still jumping up to greet people, and snapping at anything that dangles in front of him.   So when I tell you to not lean over him with your happy little cord hanging there from your headphones, and you do it anyway, don’t jump back squealing when he does exactly what I told you he was going to do.

I had the loop on his leash on my left wrist, wrapped it around my right hand to get a better grip, as we were going through a section where there were a lot of people and other dogs.   A leaf was my downfall.   Almost, but not quite, literally my downfall.    He went for the leaf and my hand went down with him, pulling the leash tight around it like a noose.    I wear lots of rings.   I thought the pain I was feeling was from the rings digging into the adjacent fingers.    After telling myself that I WILL NOT CRY IN PUBLIC, and we had walked several feet further, I looked at my hand and realized that my knuckle was the size of a golf ball and the swelling was moving to my wrist.  Oh, joy, let’s go home and find some ice!

It’s a lovely shade of purple, but the swelling is gone, mostly.    The doctor says it’s sprained and I should let it rest.  The same doctor who came in and shook my hand, yes, THAT hand.   Sigh.

We took the week off for my hand to mostly heal, and headed to the little park today.   Well, one of these days he’ll walk nicely, but that was not today.   I did a tarot reading for myself and Maverick – the two cards that resonated were “courage” and “perseverance.”  This is my mantra when we walk now.

He’s a master at “spin” though!


Also, I learned that when someone asks you to do a favor, you’re probably gonna wish you had said no.  AND, if you don’t want an active puppy, don’t get one, and then decide she needs to be rehomed.    People make me so angry.


I learned that I shouldn’t be allowed in Hobby Lobby because, well, yarn and fabric.    And there is way too much junk in my craft room, but the cleansing has begun.    Trash bags are my best friend.    Why oh why did I keep all those little tiny pieces of fabric, what my mother would call “alley jigglets?”   (I have no idea why she called them that)

If you don’t see me for awhile, I’m either face down at the park, or buried in a sea of alley jigglets in the craft room!

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5 Responses to Leashes, walks, and other fun stuff

  1. ekurie says:

    Maverick is so lucky you are his person.

    I agree totally about parks and people. People in general, actually. No, not a complete homophobe but bordering on recluse for sure. You are more gregarious than I.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you for saying this – I sometimes feel like a total failure where he’s concerned. Also, when people would ask me if Max was friendly, I would say “he is, I’m not,” and smile. I don’t know why they’d run away so fast! 🙂

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  2. ekurie says:

    Great answer! I usually say “we’re 3 crabby old ladies”. Same response.


  3. Max hates, loathes, despises and generally doesn’t like other dogs. (He loves all humans.) If I hear one more dog park denizen say “Oh, he’ll like MY dog”, I will scream. No he won’t. In 11 years he never likes another dog and yours is not the Disney princess.


    • Oh that makes me crazy! Yes, he’s a Golden Retriever, and that does NOT mean it’s okay for your child to run up to him screeching and grabbing at him! I yell at people for letting their kids do that, and thank those who have taught their children not to. I also keep my dog away from other dogs UNLESS the other owner says it’s okay.


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