Waiting waiting waiting

For the floors to dry

Spilling a gallon of tea on the kitchen floor required a bit of mopping be done today
The floors were sadly in need of it anyway, but it wasn’t planned for today till the tea jug spigot got stuck in the open position and most of the tea ended up on the floor.    The worst part isn’t the mopping, it’s the moving of the furniture so I can mop.  And then moving it back. It never fails that after the floor is all wet, Max has to go out.   

When he was a puppy, he got a taste of the mop water.    I freaked!  Called poison control!    And if truth be told, I’d probably do the same today.    He was fine, looked at me like I had lost my mind.    

He seems to think he’s in trouble because I made him get up on the sofa.   He’s sound asleep, half off the sofa, on his back – it’s hard work going to Lowe’s and being cute and getting loved.   

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