I am not accustomed to sitting around and doing nothing.  I love my days off, I love to sit on my swing and read and watch the trees and the critters, I love to zone in front of the tv for an hour or so  ~~insert admission of addiction to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills here~~ and I love to just lose myself in a computer game.

I also like to get up and go to the bathroom, get a drink, wander about, think of twelve things I need to do right now and dash off to do them, and THEN settle back down and do nothing for a few minutes.

I managed to twist my ankle, and do some damage to my foot in the process, the other day.   It hurt at first and then settled into a “well, that wasn’t pleasant” kind of ache.   The weather has been frightful.   Max had surgery and wasn’t able to do much.  It was a nice day, and we both seriously needed to get out and go for a walk.

An hour later – “wow, this thing has swollen up and hurts like HOLY SHIT IT HURTS!”

I couldn’t put any weight on it at all.   I was hobbling around, holding onto stuff, cursing and laughing.   How can you not laugh when you did it to yourself?

The next day, still swollen, still hurting, I was grounded.    I spent the day with my foot propped on a pillow, ice bag draped around it, unable to get a shoe on, and thinking this would be just great, I could just be a slug all day.

I was so bored by 6:30 I wanted to cry.

Today, feeling much better, and actually able to get a shoe on, I took a walk up to get the mail.

Back to my chair with my foot propped up.

I ever end up really hurt, it’s gonna be ugly!

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