It’s been awhile

This semester has been a bit on the crazy side. (Sorry, Kristi) I normally teach 2 or 3 classes each semester so it’s not that it’s too much work, but I’ve become accustomed to teaching purely virtual with maybe one remote session thrown in. This time I had three remote, which means I have to actually be on the computer and act like it’s a real classroom. (It’s not, it’s my dining room, my students are in their homes in whatever state of dress is convenient and no one really knows if they’re even actually there because we can’t ask them to turn on their cameras.) M/W was two classes, one at 11 and one at 2 and for some reason that made perfect sense to me at the time, I scheduled office hour at 1.

Teaching people face to face is exhausting. I know, I’m not out there in the heat laying bricks, but sometimes I think it would be less tiring to do that!

Also, I was offered a summer class that I haven’t taught in years. The book for this class, for all the accounting classes actually, is horrible. I have yet to have a student tell me they’ve been able to get any knowledge from these texts. So instead of just reading the text and writing lecture notes, I’m spending hours online searching for better explanations and examples of concepts that are complicated enough without making the students pull their hair out (and give up). The slides provided by the dept chair are no help. I teach using the PowerPoint as my backup, jumping off points, outline of the course sort of. I put a lot of information into the slides and the students seem to appreciate it. I just finished redoing his slides for the first chapter, the content went from 7 slides to 28. (He likes to be minimal, he told me. I like to be loquacious.)

Meanwhile, it feels like the world is continuing to go to Hell in handbasket, very quickly. Apparently there was a huge dump of documents from Pfizer the other day, but we were all distracted by someone leaking a document from the Supreme Court. My thoughts on abortion are pretty well set – I’m old enough to remember when the only method of birth control available was the rhythm method (we called people who used that “parents.”) I find it really hard to believe that anyone has to resort to abortion instead of taking precautions to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. ((I know there are exceptions, but as Bill Clinton (and I never thought I’d agree with him on anything) said, abortion should be legal, safe and RARE.))

My favorite meme of the day said “if you could wear a mask for two years, you can wear a condom when having sex.” If you don’t want to get pregnant, do something about it before it happens. Abortion should not be a form of birth control.

And, whoever broke the trust of the Court, and broke their promise to not reveal any documents, etc, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This, to me, is far more serious than January 6th, which was basically a bunch of jackasses taking selfies. Except for Ashli Babbit, and we’re not supposed to talk about her.

And how do you all feel about the Ministry of Truth? That woman looks like the woman in Hunger Games, and that’s all I can see. I’m way too outspoken for this nonsense, so if you suddenly don’t hear from me, I’m probably in a re-education camp somewhere. SEND YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I picked up the Wonderful Wallaby and got back into it. I had gotten to the “fuse the pouch” section and froze, then got busy, and finally got that part done the other night. I think my gauge is messed up, though, because I’m very quickly adding the sleeves to the body. We shall see, this is an experiment and it’s not expensive yarn so I consider it a learning experience.

Maverick turned 4 last week. There was a pawtee at daycare and he got a president from his best buddy Oscar. I suspect he’ll be blogging about that at some point, when he isn’t so busy with digging holes and trying to get into the woods. Meanwhile, Mommah has been reading and buying more dog books. We’ve started playing a bit with scent work, I ask him to touch the pouch with his nose and he gets a treat. After about 5 touches, he looks at me like, “are you seriously that stupid that you can’t figure out that’s the pouch?” and walks away. He’s a lot of fun to train, that one.

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18 Responses to It’s been awhile

  1. I think teaching is the reason you put down the wallaby. You can’t have every minute of your life be crazy at once:) Thank you for trying to make accounting both understandable and enjoyable.
    Happy Birthday to Maverick:) I’m sure everyone had a lovely time at his pawtee:)
    The state of the world is just beyond. I think 2000 Mules (the movie) is another fortuitous reason for the SC leak. It’s all about distraction at this point. I’ve never seen such a spiraling of crazy level. The finance stuff is another. The stock market is swinging wildly. Anyone distracted by shiny objects misses so much.

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    • I’m really looking forward to watching 2000 Mules – and yes, I think it was one of the triggers for the leak. It’s crazy on steroids these days – the first thing I thought when I heard about the SC leak was, “what are we being distracted from?” I just read (scanned) a Pfizer document that listed 9 pages of adverse reactions. NINE PAGES! Yeah, jab me harder, baby!

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      • LDSVenus says:

        But we’re not allowed to talk about them, even when they cause death 😦 D. Bongino had a really interesting take on it in his podcast yesterday, May 5th, from a Dr. McCalac (spelling?) I think he’s with MIT. The Dr called the shot a russian roulette you should go listen to it. It’s about 5/8th of the way through the podcast.


      • Dr. Peter McCullough? He’s been saying from the start that these jabs hadn’t been tested, that they aren’t safe. He got slammed from every direction


      • The Pfizer stuff gets worse and worse every day. I can see why they wanted it hidden for 75 years. The FDA adding the strict restrictions on the J&J seems a little late considering they’re saying it’s because of the data that is from 2021. I wonder if there is something else going on there.

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      • The whole thing started to smell early on for me, and the more I’ve learned the worse the stench. When you can’t sue the manufacturerer, that’s a huge red flag. When they rushed this stuff, that was another red flag. What just continues to amaze me is how quickly people fell for the fear porn.

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  2. I’m suffering from Covid brain fog. 🤒😷 Maybe I’ll wake up and the state of the world and country will be all better again and not like some horrible dystopian movie.

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  3. I figured out that all of the stress added with the classes you’re teaching and the way you have to teach them might help take your mind off all of the things going on in the news that further prove that we are definitely going the wrong way. I will agree with you that, in today’s modern age, it is pretty easy to put up a barrier to getting pregnant. However, even the best BC isn’t guaranteed to be 100% fool-proof. And I do think that women how have been raped or sexually assaulted deserve the right to be able to consider abortion, as they have zero percent say in choosing to become pregnant. There are also instances where carrying a child to full-term could possibly cause inherent physical distress to the mother and/or the baby. My biggest concern is that we are in such a state of turmoil as a country for so many present reasons, which we can’t seem to find the money or time to fix, but we have money and time to go back to an old law and try to get it overturned

    Oh, and happy birthday to Maverick, the stud muffin of day care!


    • I agree with all of this – and it’s easy to say that women can just cross state lines to get an abortion if their state outlaws it but it’s not necessarily easy to do. I just constantly come back to people claiming it’s just a clump of cells if they don’t want it – an inconvenience. Those abortions just gall me.


  4. Hey, I have to laugh as I tell you this, you were talking about politics and then your dog and you said your dog got a President instead of a present for it’s Birthday. Lol


  5. LDSVenus says:

    Wow you sound really busy trying to create your version of their content. Who the heck approves those books the students have a hard time with and drives the teachers crazy? My winter has been a bit overwhelming as well, but hey spring is here and when the rain quits it will be nice ;), well unless summer gets here first, sigh.


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