Kennel cough sucks

No, Maverick doesn’t have it. Geesh, people, settle down.

Maverick goes to daycare. It’s the best thing that has ever happened with him, he comes home still with energy but it wears off after about an hour and he settles. He’s a very demanding, and very needy, kid, so when he’s home all day, and I’m home all day, he thinks that means that I’m at his beck and call all day.

He is very spoiled. Yes, my fault entirely, shutty. He will bark at me until I give him what he wants – this has been changing, I’m starting to leave the room and shut the door behind me when he does this.

He also has no concept of settle down. If someone is awake and moving, so is he. Every minute is a party to most Golden Retrievers. Maverick is ready to play any time you move.

So he goes to daycare, and he gets to play all day and I get a break, and life is good for both of us. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with him, but I am basically an introvert who can only take so much interaction with people – and yeah, I’m good at it, but – I need to decompress, be by myself, not have to react. So after a few hours of constant Maverick attention, I need some peace.

He went a week ago for his normal shots. I mentioned to Dr. Dave that he was going to daycare, at which point Dr. Dave asked if he’d had his kennel cough vaccine. It seems that Bordatella, the technical name for kennel cough, is highly contagious. He’d never had the vaccine. (I’m assuming this is NOT the Delta variant of Bordatella, or he’d have to get the experimental jab and I’d be saying no)

However, like experimental jab, when a dog is given this vaccine, he (or she, shutty) sheds it for two weeks. Hence, he can’t be around other dogs for this period of time because they could catch it from him, even though he doesn’t have the actual virus. (Does this all sound strangely familiar?)

Maverick is home for two weeks. We’re on day 10 of what will actually be a 16 day quarantine. Next year, when he has to get this vaccine again, I’m booking a vacation.

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17 Responses to Kennel cough sucks

  1. cattknithat says:


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  2. Kristi says:

    Poor Maverick and poor you!! When you go on that vacay, holler and we’ll run away together!!! 😀❤️😀

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  3. He needs to wear a mask, wash his paws and socially distance by 6 feet. Dr. Pawci said so. Maybe double mask.

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  4. Bitey Dog says:

    If only he would wear a mask, no one would catch Bordatella. At all. Ever.

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  5. ReginaMary says:

    Aw, Maverick. You are a good boy. Mama is taking very good care of you. There was an outbreak of kennel cough in the neighboring town. They have a large dog park there. I wonder if that contributes to the spread.

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  6. I never knew that it shed! My vet (previous one!) never told us. Two of our previous dogs visited the kennel a few times and they were given the nasal version a few days before.
    Myles and Maverick are cut from the same cloth. Myles wants to be with his people and actively works to engage us. Some days it’s exhausting:)

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    • I asked our vet if Maverick had to quarantine and he said no. But our daycare said yes, and I have to abide by her rules. She thought I shouldn’t even take him to the park !

      I love that Maverick is a Velcro dog, but when I have things to get done and he’s demanding attention, it’s exactly that – exhausting. Four days to go after today!


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