Do you remember?

Do you remember walking into a store and seeing smiles? Do you remember seeing shelves full of goods, more than you could ever want? Do you remember turning on the news and seeing actual stories, real reporting? Do you remember when people were respectful of the people in office, even if they disagreed with them? Do you remember when you thought your vote counted, even if the person for whom you voted didn’t win?

Do you remember when Twitter was full of silly pictures of animals, and Facebook was where you caught up with old friends?

Do you remember not being afraid? I lost some of that innocence when planes flew into buildings and some people did something. I lost more of it when I was told that I was to blame for every racial injustice ever done since my skin is white. I lost even more when Orange Man Bad became the mantra – when no one could answer my question as to how his policies had changed their lives for the worse.

I think it’s pretty much all gone now. I watched suitcases of ballots pulled from beneath a table in GA, vote counts suddenly switch in PA, and “news” media call an election before it was anywhere close to over.

I remember when people didn’t shame each other for disagreeing – when you could walk outside with the wind in your face and not be told you were selfish. I remember when Thanksgiving was a day to be grateful for all the bounty of this land, for the love of family and friends and for all the food we were going to eat together, even if Janet did try to delay the pie. I remember when statues were teaching tools – we taught the history of our country by touring battlefields and talking about monuments and viewing the wonders we had wrought. We were taught that our ancestors had treated the native Americans poorly, as they had treated the Japanese, so that we would learn to never act that way again, not so we would feel endless crushing joy sucking guilt over things we hadn’t done and couldn’t possibly undo.

I remember when we trusted our elected officials to do our will, and not try to impose their will on us. I remember when the idea that our rights would slowly be stripped from us and people would beg for more restrictions was something out of science fiction – that could never happen! And yet…………it has.

And while I remember, I wonder. How can we ever get back our joy, our freedom, our innocence? I wonder if I’m strong enough to face that test.

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8 Responses to Do you remember?

  1. I seem to remember that the 60s were pretty turbulent, too. Times of great societal change, generational disputes, social uproar are pretty stressful and frustrating. This time around we have social media which I think overall has perhaps been a force more for evil than for good but I’m an old phart who still misses AOL. But as Maverick said when he ate the dead mouse, “This, too, shall pass.” I’m thinking of calling for Peachy to stage an Irish Mist intervention.

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    • I lived through the 60’s and it wasn’t nearly as bad as this – and I agree that unsocial media has not done any good for anyone.

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      • The Cuban missile crisis, assasination of Kennedy, assassination of MLK and Malcolm X, Vietnam war, Kent State massacre (OK 1970), Russia gets hydrogen bomb, Stonewall protests, MyLai massacre, U2 shot down, Chicago Democrat riots, “off whitey/kill the pig”, and Marilyn Monroe died. That’s off the top of my head. I’d disagree on your comparison that the 60s ” wasn’t nearly as bad.” Turbulent times.


      • like I said, I lived through it.


  2. We have to be strong. We have to fight in any way we can. Too many patriots served and died for our freedom. We have to want our children and grandchildren to have better than they’re getting right now. We have to stand together.

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  3. Kristi says:

    Wow…you are able to express what I think so much of us are thinking and feeling. It’s as if the ‘good old days’ are truly over. ❤❤❤

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    • I’ve had more than one meltdown in the past week – but I refuse to let this keep me down. Our esteemed governor seems determined to ruin Christmas – wonder if he’s related to Janet? – but people seem to be fighting back.


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